We provide a range of IT Support Solutions to businesses looking for a tailored service package that suits their infrastructure needs. No ‘one size fits all’ approach, paying for unwanted services or no back up at crucial moments.

What you get is a professional, competent and reliable service from a company who puts your business first. A comprehensive and up to date service from a forward thinking company with extensive experience in Security, Cloud Computing and IT Infrastructure Support.

D2NA IT Infrastructure Support Systems

We integrate well within any internal team, irrespective of size or location. If you have a large organisation then we will extend the capabilities of your IT department. For smaller businesses with no in-house IT expertise, we will act as your outsourced IT department.

One of our core aims is to add value to business and we do this by encouraging the wholesale adoption of Virtual Computing Technologies such as Virtualisation. This enables us to provide exceptional levels of business continuity and responsiveness. We make best use of resources available, maximising their potential to save you time and money.

About D2NA

At D2NA we believe in a personal approach and treating every customer as an individual. We adapt to their needs – not the other way round – and place a strong emphasis on working in partnership with customers, becoming a unified extension of their internal teams.

This means spending time finding out as much as we can about your business and the IT infrastructure before designing and implementing an IT Solutions package. Choose what you want, pay for what you need. It is as simple as that.

People first and last

As a leading UK provider of IT Infrastructure Support services we have a clear duty of care to our customers and our people. This includes a code of ethics that apply equally to business as well as our personal lives. To conduct ourselves in a decent and trustworthy manner at all times whilst providing support to businesses.

Our brand values can be summed up in the following three ways:

  • Information technology is there to support the business not lead it
  • Motivated to provide the best service to our customers
  • An open-minded and honest approach

We understand the complexities and expense involved with IT infrastructure which is why a needs analysis is important from the outset. Doing this avoids the risk of costly mistakes.

Using a series of methodical processes to do so means that we are able to recommend solutions that accurately meet your needs. In fact, our processes for doing this are considered second to none.

Meet the Team

We are an engineering-led organisation. All our Directors have technical backgrounds allied to business-awareness: our Cloud services are 100% designed and owned by us: we are proud to employ some of the most talented and dedicated technicians in the region.

How do we do this? In several ways, starting with our impressive customer base, access to cutting-edge virtualisation technologies and continuing personal development via our growing list of accreditations with key IT infrastructure vendors.

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Processes are the lifeblood of our company. Everything we do at D2NA is underpinned by strong processes based on established systems and standards including PRINCE2, ISO9001 and ISO27001 and ITIL.

Your business may require certain processes but not others and we only advise you to implement those that will work best for you. We have the requisite expertise in all areas to provide your business with what it needs. There is no point paying for an unnecessary process.

Solid and dependable

Our customer-focussed approach means that you can rely on us in times of need. We provide 24/7 support in two ways:

Choose from formal Guaranteed Service Levels or an informal, ‘best-efforts’ basis according to your individual requirements. Either way, you still receive a first class, personal service that is committed to keeping your infrastructure running in any eventuality.

Strategy experts

Working in partnership with customers involves helping them to define their IT strategy so that it is aligned to their business. We have a comprehensive customer care programme that includes annual infrastructure assessments, regular account meetings with IT professionals and many other elements that are all designed to add value and exceed expectations.

This constant focus on your IT strategy enables us to keep you informed about the latest technological and business developments that are relevant to your business. Our goal is that of ‘best practice’.
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