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In today’s complex IT Environments, having a secure setting is a crucial factor for business operations. In the ever-growing world of the internet, the attack threat to your organisation is increasing. Having even the slightest exposure could literally open the doors of your organization to hackers.

As a CREST Approved Member, we are able to perform intensive penetration testing on your IT network.

We perform penetration tests for businesses who need to satisfy regulatory or compliance requirements, such as ISO or PCI, or for those who just wish to better understand security and make their networks more robust.

What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test is a simulated attack against your Information Technology environment using a variety of manual and automated techniques with the aim of finding any weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. During an assessment, our security experts will attempt to breach your network defences, internally or externally, using the exact same techniques as a would-be cyber criminal. We aim to find and fix any vulnerabilities before these criminals find them.

We can perform various penetration tests dependent on your business operations including;

  • Web Application Pen Test – for businesses who may be using internally developed or other popular web applications such as CRM or Sales Apps.
  • Infrastructure Pen Test – for those with numerous potential compromise points, using the most offensive methods & techniques to infiltrate your whole infrastructure
  • Mobile Application Pen Test – for those who design, develop or use mobile apps, covering IOS and Android platforms
  • Wireless – for those businesses using a Wifi network which they feel may be vulnerable to attacks
  • VoIP – for those businesses who may relay sensitive information, such as credit card numbers etc, via telephone and are worried their calls could be intercepted.

What to expect

Following our testing, we will provide you with a detailed report which we will be happy to run through with you on-site or remotely.

The report will include;

  1. Management Summary: This document will include a summary of key threats and business risks in a high-level format suitable for non-technical Directors
  2. Technical Details: Describes the steps taken by D2NA’s Penetration Tester to breach the business network, mitigations and further information suitable for IT Department staff
  3. Risk Scope: A vulnerability scoring system that rates the issues found based on severity
  4. Mitigation Steps: Guidance on steps necessary to mitigate the issues discovered


Due to the significant difference in IT Networks, pricing for Penetration Testing is tailored. Contact us today if you would like to discuss these services.

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