Business Tech Weekly | Ep 12 | Cyber Security News

There’s always lots going on in the world of Cyber Security and in this week’s Business Tech Weekly, Matt & Tim are discussing the increasing rise of ‘Insider Threats’ as well as news from Blackberry.

A recent report by tech research company, Vanson Bourne revealed insider threats are rapidly becoming the number one source of cybersecurity threats. Insider threats include sharing network passwords, trade secrets or leaking data. The Vanson Bourne study revealed a massive 88% of organisations experienced cyber risks caused by careless employees. Then there is the issue of malicious insiders – disgruntled or mistrustful team members who attempt to steal or leak data to purposely damage business. Tune in to hear Matt & Tim’s views and hear tips on how you can protect your business from insider threats.

There’s also news from ‘has been’ mobile phone manufacturer, Blackberry, who has acquired security software firm Cylance. The acquisition is the biggest in Blackberry’s history and they say it plans to leverage Cylance to bolster its Cyber Security platforms. Find out what Matt & Tim think this means for the future of both firms.

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