Business Tech Weekly | Ep 11 | Stay Safe Online this Black Friday

Today is Black Friday – but of course you already knew that! Whilst we hope you have bagged yourselves some good bargains, we also hope you’re being careful whilst doing your online shopping.

Last year a massive £1.4 billion was spent on online sales in the UK alone. But it’s not just shoppers and retailers who benefit. This time of year is also lucrative for Cyber Criminals. Amongst the frenzy and excitement, shoppers get distracted, making it easy for them to be fooled.

Action Fraud recently revealed that more than 15,000 victims lost around £16million pound to fraud and cybercrime last Christmas. They predict that this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday are set to be the most fraudulent on record. Scary isn’t it?

In this week’s Business Tech Weekly, Matt and Tim are taking you through some important tips on how to stay safe whilst online shopping. Please take their advice! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or send us an email on



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