Business Tech Weekly | Ep 21 | How to spot a Scam Email

If you have an email address (who doesn’t?) then it’s a given you will have received a Scam email at some point.

Scam emails come in lots of different guises: there’s Phishing emails, Ransomware emails, Lottery scams, chain mails, the list goes on! We have recently received a number of ‘new style’ Phishing emails – or what some are now calling ‘sextortion’ emails. These involve cyber criminals sending emails, claiming they have gained access to your device and have ‘tracked’ or ‘recorded’ you accessing porn websites. They claim they will send out this compromising information to all your contacts if you do not follow a link to make a payment or send them bitcoins. Sometimes the hacker even includes a recent password you may have used which they will have got from leaked list of passwords easily available on the dark web.

Tune in to see an example of a recent email Matt received and hear why it’s important not to panic or respond in any way.

If you have any worries or concerns about these emails, do not hesitate to get in touch! Email or Tweet @D2NA.


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