Business Tech Weekly | Ep 19 | Digital Transformation 2 – Documents (Sharepoint)

Happy February! To start of this new month, Matt is bringing you the next instalment of our Digital Transformation Series.

Migrating your business to the Cloud is about so much more than just using a cloud-based email platform. For us, once this has been done successfully, the next natural step on the journey is to move all your important Business Documents too.

Now, we do know that the idea of this terrifies many businesses, especially those that rely heavily on sharing & updating documents constantly. What if I lose updates? What if I can’t find the documents I need? What if unauthorised people gain access to sensitive documents? These are all valid and important concerns but ones that are all solved by Microsoft’s Sharepoint Online.

Sharepoint Online comes with some Office 365 packages and offers a bespoke, secure place to store, organise, share & access documents from any connected device. Sharepoint enables collaborative working and documents & files can be protected to limit access.

Tune in to see a brief demo from Matt on some of the basics of Sharepoint. If you would like more of an in-depth demo or want to learn how exactly your company could benefit from using Sharepoint, get in touch today! Email or Tweet us @D2NA

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