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Business Tech Weekly | Ep8 | Cyber Security News

We’ve got another Cyber Security News episode for this week’s Business Tech Weekly.

This week Matt and Tim are focussing on the financial damage felt by the NHS following last year’s WannaCry Ransomware attack – an eye watering £92million! The estimated numbers have recently been released in a report by the Department of Health and Social Care. They also revealed the attack affected 8% of GP clinics and forced the NHS to cancel 19,000 appointments which they are still trying to catch up with to this day. Tune in to hear more stats from the report and what Matt & Tim’s think of it.

They’re also discussing a worrying warning released by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) who claim there is little doubt the UK will be hit by a potentially life-threatening cyber-attack in the future. The Government organisation issued the warning after it was revealed one of their specialist units is repelling more than 10 attempted cyber-attacks every week, many of which are carried out by hackers from ‘hostile’ nation states.

What do you think of estimated NHS losses caused by WannaCry? Do you have any questions about how it could have been avoided? What about the NCSC warning – do you think this is something to be concerned about or just some scaremongering? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below or drop us an email to

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