The next Cycling Network Event date has been revealed!

Our next popular Cycling Networking Event in collaboration with PAU will be on Friday 19th July!

After successfully hosting several Cycling Networking events since they launched last Autumn with our friends PAU Run and Ride, we are pleased to announce our next event will be held on Friday 19th July.

Are you a fan of both networking and cycling? If you are, we invite you to be a part of our exciting cycle networking group!

Join us for a scenic ride around Trentham on Friday 19th July, where we’ll have the opportunity to connect while pedalling. Let’s discuss our passions, expertise, and how we can collaborate to benefit each other – all while we roll!

Our ride kicks off at 2pm and concludes with coffee and cake at Pau’s café at Trentham Gardens. You can secure your spot by booking here. Check out more details on our Events page.

No matter your cycling ability, our event welcomes everyone and the route is accessible for all. 

All participants are required to wear appropriate safety equipment, including helmets and any additional gear you deem necessary.

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time!

Cycling November 2023
Participants at a previous event
Coffee and Cake after November's ride at Pau's Cafe in Trentham