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D2NA’s IT & Cyber Security Audit puts Global Sales Business School in the driving seat.  




Jan 2021

Project results

  • Audit confirmed Consalia needed to act fast to improve their IT infrastructure & security. 

  • Key areas for improvement identified with a concise & strategic plan for the future

  • A quantification & a firm specification on how to move forward. 

We knew there were gaps in our IT infrastructure and Cyber Security, but it was beyond our ability to work out what these were. The D2NA IT & Cyber Security Audit has given us an honest, professional & concise overview of where we need to improve and how we need to do it.”

Q&A with Ian Helps  

Why did you choose D2NA for this service? 

D2NA were strongly recommended to us by a current employee who had worked with them in a previous role. When I first met Graham, I was impressed by his professionalism and how he described the D2NA approach – I felt their values were definitely in tune with Consalia’s. Upon meeting the rest of the team, I was reassured that D2NA were the right people for this job. The technical guys knew their stuff and I could tell they were going to do a thorough job. Our initial meetings led me to believe this project would be the start of a successful long-term relationship.  

Why did you require the Cyber Security Audit?  

Over the years, we built up our in-house IT support function organically however we had reached a point where we didn’t feel we were being as professional or thorough enough when it came to our IT infrastructure and cyber security. 

We were aware improvements needed to be made but we didn’t know what they were so we felt we needed knowledgeable professionals to identify these gaps and either fix them or tell us how to.  

What value did you get from the Audit? 

Put simply – it gave us confirmation that we needed to act in improving IT infrastructure and security fast! The audit gave us a quantification & firm specification on how to move forward with our IT. What we hoped for was definitely what we got.  

The Audit also confirmed the professionalism of D2NA and made it clear they were the type of IT partner we could build a great relationship with.  

What was your experience of the whole audit process and working with D2NA? 

D2NA is a real team effort with lots of knowledge. It wasn’t just about those at the top – the whole company plays a key part in the work they do. All the players knew their role and did it really well.  

What actions are you planning to take as a result of the audit?  

We now know what we need to do and have clarity on how we go about it which is exactly what we needed. We are currently in talks with D2NA regarding how they can support us with the next steps although this is down to how impressed we were with their skill set and professionalism rather than any obligations.  

Would you recommend this service and why? 

Absolutely. The Audit is a very robust first step and we would recommend any small to medium enterprise that are moving from their own internal IT support to something more complex to do this. It has given us a real insight into our current setup and unless you are an experienced IT professional, you don’t know what you don’t know! 


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