6 Point Vulnerability Assessment

In our fight against Cyber Crime, we are offering businesses a FREE 6 Point Vulnerability Assessment. Take the first steps to protecting your  business against an attack today.

How does it work?

The FREE vulnerability assessment will determine how exposed your business is to a cyber-attack; it will analyse how likely you are to suffer data loss and we’ll let you know how you can plug the gaps.

What does it involve?

Below is a brief outline of what we will assess;

Website: We’ll scan your website and check for all known vulnerabilities and major weaknesses that could be exploited.

Network: We’ll scan all your network devices for all known vulnerabilities including wireless access points.

Server: We’ll scan your servers for all known vulnerabilities, even if they are hosted with a hosting company.

End User Devices: We’ll review all mobile phones and laptops for risk of data loss in the event of loss or theft.

User Access Control: We’ll check the type and level of access all your staff have and ensure only those who need remote access have it.

Ransomware: We’ll check how vulnerable you are to Ransomware by downloading a test virus (completely benign) and review your chances of recovery if you were hit.

You will then be presented with an easy to read report detailing our findings, as well as a list of actions. The actions can be implemented by your internal IT team, your current IT partner or by our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers.

How do I take advantage?

Fill in the form below and we will be in touch – it is as simple as that.

Free Vulnerability Assessment

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