EEUK Case Study

Digital Transformation to enable growth

Customer: EEUK Ltd
Date: 2019

Project Results

Positioned for rapid, sustainable growth
Great levels of engagement among business leaders
Enabled easy remote collaboration between staff
KPIs measured and managed online
“I like D2NA because you’re dealing with people who can talk your language. They can be as intrusive or as unobtrusive as you like when it comes to your IT requirements. They can quite literally be part of your board, in terms of making decisions around your IT, or they will implement what you want them to do. There’s a lot of flexibility.”
Wayne Spence
Director, EEUK

The Challenge

In 2012, EEUK was a fledgling small business with just four staff and a fairly limited IT platform. With everyone using different versions of key software, numerous paper-based processes and relatively fragmented structures, valuable time was being wasted on IT support calls.

The Solution

At the beginning of EEUK’s digital transformation, D2NA supported the team to move away from their old access client base CRM and implemented a new Cloud-based system. The next step was to deploy Microsoft Office 365, including Sharepoint, PowerBI and Teams, which the company is now fully utilising. IT support call times have been drastically reduced, online collaborative working has become the norm, and there is now one version of the truth across the business.

We also handle the company’s Office 365 licensing and Cyber Essentials accreditation, as well as managing software such as PeopleHR, Deputy and Casella which are vital to their everyday operations.

Their Cloud-based platform served EEUK well during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the senior management team having daily meetings through Teams. Staff have been holding one-to-ones in Teams, as well as reviewing documentation and operational productivity models through it: “We share the documentation while we’re on the call, have a look, make comments, make changes – it’s incredibly collaborative.” These experiences have even influenced their working practices going forward, as they seek to utilise Teams for client development and review meetings.

The Approach

Our advice and support to EEUK Director Wayne Spence and his team helps ensure that, as a small company, they build an IT platform that is sustainable for the future. By 2020 the company had 50 employees, and that expansion has been made much smoother through early adoption of the Microsoft Office 365 suite and other Cloud services.

By supporting the team to link up Deputy, their online scheduling software, with Zero, their online accounts package, among other programmes, we’ve given them the ability to easily measure and manage all of their KPIs. The management team can see exactly how long their consultants are on-site, how mileage is being reduced through better scheduling, how they’re reducing fuel consumption and their carbon footprint.

This means they can tightly manage their productivity model, which has created more capacity – a benefit that’s been passed on to their clients. Plus it gives great insight into the actual cost of providing their services, so they can ensure they’re remunerated accordingly.

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